New Sales Enablement Feature: Tailoring Your Content In App

Personalizing customer experience is nothing new for modern marketers, but what about their colleagues in sales? Marketing can personalize emails, online adverts, landing pages and even the messaging across a whole website. But what happens when customers enter the sales funnel? How can sales reps provide the sort of experience that today’s customer expects throughout the sales journey?

Positioning the most relevant content to stages, industries, deal sizes or customer personas is a key feature of Data Dwell Sales enablement, allowing simple access to the content most likely to engage the prospect.

Our newest additional feature to our Sales Enablement Software takes this a step further.

Introduced in our latest update, Content Tailoring is available for all Data Dwell Sales Enablement users at a small additional monthly fee per user. The feature allows all your users to open and edit Microsoft documents – PowerPoint, Word and Excel – directly in your Salesforce CRM. Templates can then be personalized to a prospect before being shared.


Why Use Content Tailoring? To Increase Win Rates By 27%

With the new Content Tailoring add-on to Data Dwell’s Sales Enablement software, marketing can position effective content in template form – designed to be customized by sales reps.

Reps can select the appropriate template, edit as they see fit, and engage their prospects in a more personalized manner.

Administrators can choose exactly which pieces of content can be edited, enabling customization on some files but preventing unauthorized changes on others. Only the approved templates can then be amended.

Every item of tailored content features full tracking and reporting – all within your Salesforce CRM. It’s quick and easy to personalize content all in one place, so you will see fast adoption amongst sales reps across your organization.


How does the new feature actually work?  

Content Tailoring is simple. Let’s use a PowerPoint presentation as an example:

  • Administrators or marketing upload the latest sales presentation templates for each product and simply select ‘enable for editing’.
  • Sales reps will see these templates when positioned appropriately for the record they are working (lead, opportunity, account, case etc.)
  • The sales rep can then select a template and edit anything they like via the in-app editor – with full MS Office functionality. They can then add the customer name, their specific needs or objectives, logos of customers that are most relevant to the prospect and anything else they’d like.
  • The tailored presentation is then saved as a new file on the record of a prospect and has full tracking features just like any other item of positioned content.


Want to learn more about Content Tailoring or add it to your Data Dwell account? Get in touch.

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