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Leverage the latest wealth management fintech, engage more investors and maintain full control of shared assets with Data Dwell

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  • Right content

    Share all types of highly personalized, highly relevant content with brokers
  • Right place

    Automatically position your assets at the most effective stages of the investor journey
  • Right prospects

    Identify which investors are engaging and give them the information they need
  • Right time

    Get notified when a prospect is interested to focus your time and effort

Why choose Data Dwell to transform your wealth management business?

Target prospective investors with the most effective content

Use sales enablement software like Data Dwell to organize and align all your content in the most efficient way possible. Personalize every asset to the prospect you’re targeting and keep your wealth management services front of mind at all times.

Help brokers securely share relevant content

The financial services industry is highly competitive, and your team need every advantage they can find. Data Dwell lets you ditch emails attachments and create Personalized Client Portals at the click of a button, and share documents in a professional, safe way, directly in Salesforce. Use access levels and version control to make sure investors always have the latest documents to hand.

Build trust in your financial expertise with sales enablement software

In financial services - more than any other industry - your prospects and customers need the most accurate, most relevant information at all times. Using Data Dwell’s sales enablement software, brokers access dynamic content based on stage, vertical, persona or any other factor, to instantly build confidence and trust.

Identify effective and engaging content in Salesforce

Data Dwell Sales Enablement delivers full transparency across all your content in Salesforce, so you can quickly see which content is engaged with, and or how long. You can pinpoint what drives conversions, and what prevents them. And you can access real-time data to discover the ROI of your shared assets.

Keep full control of shared documents and maintain full compliance

With Salesforce-native software and Data Dwell’s Personalized Client Portals, you always have full control over shared documents straight from your CRM. Protect sensitive information, avoid third party integrations and stay data compliant at all times.

Support relationship managers with cross sell opportunities

Data Dwell doesn’t just support your brokers and investors. It’s highly effective at revenue enablement across your entire business, at every part of the customer journey. Use it to onboard new clients and give relationship managers the tools they need to cross sell and upsell more effectively to existing customers.

Track real-time investor engagement with notifications, analytics and scoring and always know where to prioritize your efforts with Data Dwell.

Salesforce Native – The #1 option for leading wealth management services

If your organization uses Salesforce as part of your daily workflows, Data Dwell is the perfect choice for your sales enablement platform. We’re the fully native Salesforce application. Directly integrating into your CRM, we deliver out-of-the-box reporting, instant insights and seamless content alignment for your sales funnel.

  • No more email attachments

    Forget bulky, unsafe email attachments that often get blocked, ignored, or lost in a prospect’s inbox. Share trackable content and monitor engagement.

  • No more irrelevant content

    Forget generic case studies, pages of unnecessary product information and pointless whitepapers. Share personalised content that actually converts.

  • No more missed opportunities

    Forget time wasting leads and focus on profitable prospects. Find blind spots, identify those forgotten about and act quickly when the time is right.

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